Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in the UAE

For those who have been living abroad, you would know how it feels to spend Christmas away from the family. Last Christmas was our 8th Christmas away from home. It's sad but these are sacrifices that we have to make for a better and brighter future. I am still very thankful that my hubby and kids are here and we have friends we call family to spend with.

We had our Dinner cum noche buena on Christmas Eve at a friends house, played some games and had exchange gift and gift giving for the kids.

Violet was the motif for our family

Mega kanta ako hehe
Pinoy Henyo
d ko nahulaan huhuhu
Gift giving for the kids
Super happy ni kuya sa kanyang PSP Go
Syempre terno kami mag ina
My OTD - shirt from lacoste, skirt from hang ten, leggings from splash, shoes from lacoste
 I hope you all enjoyed your holidays.