Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Season

Christmas is just around the corner. Our house has been dressed up with a tree since October and it is my daughter's favorite place to pose for a photo.

My daughter adores this dancing froggy who sings to the tune of jingle bells. As in non stop nya pinapagtugto
We attended my son's Christmas party in school and Nichole was very active and wants to participate in the presentations, especially the dancing.

nichole and tatay
Leaving you with me and my daughter's pic at St. Marys church earlier. They have a very nice Xmas tree.

 Will be attending our masquerade party later for our office year end party, I am really excited to dress up and will post the pics soon.


trililpigs said...

your daughter's too cute! kakagigil, hehe...

Larla Anne said...

thanks sis! kakatuwa an baby girl sarap bihisan

Karla said...

Fashionista talaga si Nichole ate, hehe. Mana sa ina! :D