Saturday, March 17, 2012

Latest Shopping finds

My mom and sister are here for vacation and because of that, gala mode is surely on. We went to Dubai for an overnight stay last Thursday. I had so many great find that I just had to share it.
Love this yellow shoes from Day to Day (AED 35 = $10 = PhP 411)
Bought this lovely blazer na parang "Toga" in H and M
AED 30 = $8 = PhP 350
Dubai Outlet Mall was a shopping haven. Got these babies below:
From Mango - AED 15 = $4 = PhP 175
This dress is super nice from Mango - AED 65 from previous price of AED 299 = $ 17 = PhP 760
These 2 dresses below are my super great find. Both dresses are from Gap and I just had to buy the 2 colors available (Peach and white). Perfect for casual lazy days where you just put on a simple outfit without any fuss and pair it with sandals or flip flops. The photo does not do justice to the fit of this dress. It used to be priced at AED 245 but got it for AED 39 each which is around $10 or PhP 450.

I also bought some other items like leggings, blouses from mango for work and bolero. There goes my whole month's shopping budget and it is only half of the month.