Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brainobrain Awarding

I already blogged before about my son attending Brainobrain in my old blog post  He had his awarding 2 weeks back as he finished the level already. Also my mom and sis were here during that time so they got to witness his awarding. 
Brainobrain was just supposed to be something for him to do during school vacation but turned out to be something that he learned to love doing and something that he became good at. Now he has completed a level and we are still thinking if he will pursue it as the schedule is just too much for him. It is only once a week on a Saturday at 1-3 but since it is Summer it is too hot and he does not have rest anymore as he goes to school from Sunday to Thursday and he has Cathechism classes in church on Friday and Brainobrain on Saturday. Pagod sya talaga so we might give this a rest for a while until they come up with a weekday schedule.
with my mom and sis
Proud Parents
I am one proud Momma!
Dress from Mango , Shoes from H and M