Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last Day

My mom and sis last day in UAE was spent at a Flea Market in Al Safa Park. We had picnic and brought some food while hubby looks after the kids and we go around the flea market. It was really hot but worth it. I got around 6 dresses and a couple of shorts and office pants for cheap. Unfortunately I was not able to take a photo of it but as in super mura at ang gagaanda with tags pa yung iba. This flea market happens every 1st Saturday of the month. Niyayaya ko si hubby next month pero super init na daw kaya mag pass na muna at ang dami ko na namang damit sa cabinet, dami ko pang d nasusuot. 

After the flea market we went to Dubai Festival City, bumii ng pampuno ng balikbayan box si Mother.
at DFC
I also bought this baby below, my canon purple cam SX220HS. Minsan kasi tinatamad magdala ng DSLR si hubby kasi ang laki. The other cam we have is an Olympus waterproof cam pero d masyadong maganda ang mga kuha nice lang sya pang underwater talaga kaya I decided to buy this and I love it. The shots taken above are from this cam. You check out the review here.