Saturday, May 26, 2012


My hubby recently got an iphone 4s through Etisalat. We got it at no cash out at AED 200 a month with1gb data for 18 months. I have an iphone 4 which I got 1 and a half years ago but I am unable to utilize all its features. We are more fond of the blackberry because of the "bbm" but now that we both have an iphone, I am thinking of ditching my balckberry for iphone. The price of the BB easily depreciates while iphone doesn't and truly iphone has better features. Anyway, he is really enjoying his iphone now not because of "Siri" but of instagram. Here are photo's he has been taking and editing. We use picstitch to make a collage then upload it to instagram
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Our prenup photos
 I made the photo below from my iphone.

Enjoy pala talaga instagram. Will surely be using it.