Friday, October 12, 2012

Bubbles and dots day

It' bubbles and dots day for my baby girl yesterday. They were asked to bring bubble toys and wear polka dots. I could not find any dress at the last minutes with dots so she just wore her minnie mouse costume.

I just had to pose with her before I left for work. I'm loving the H and M dress I wore below. The cloth is made of chiffon so I had to put an inner tube and it has a half slip already for the lower portion. The belt is included as well. Swear, forgiving sya sa figure, d halata ang tummy. Niloloko nga ako kasi para daw akong mag ballroom dancing. I wore a blazer over the dress naman to make it pang office. I got this on sale for only  AED 20 (PhP 225) however when we went to H and M this morning , the same dress was on still on sale but for AED 80 (PhP900). I would not have bought it at that price. Baka nagkamali lang ng tag the last time. Well, lucky for me.