Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Look what came in the mail today...

I have been waiting for the base shaper for my LV for a few days now.I was trying to search online but could not find anything so I opted to check out ebay.com I found what I needed and more. I also found a base shaper for my longchamp. I was so happy since it is also free shipping. I got the base shaper from this seller. She is very accommodating and answered all my queries. I thought I will not receive it yet but was surprise that it came in the post today. It was sent last October 8. It was pretty quick for registered mail.
Package came all the way from Singapore
Red for my LV speedy and black for my Longchamp medium short handle
My LV Speedy with the base shaper
Longchamp with the base shaper
Now that I have it, I'm gonna use my LV starting tomorrow.


purse base shaper said...

Thank you for sharing. It all looks so amazing!