Saturday, July 18, 2015

Eid Holiday

Yesterday was the first day of Eid so as expected the malls were packed. Hubby was on duty so we were not able to go out but I saw that there are shows in the malls so I asked him if we can go after his work. The malls here are open till 12midnight or even as late as 2am.

We eagerly dressed up to go out as I was really bored at home. It seems that everyone is enjoying the time out during the holidays except me.
OOTD - Me - shirt from mango, skirt from forever 21, bag from mango and fitflops. Lara - Shirt from mango, pants from h & m and shoes from skecher
We started off with dinner at TGI Fridays. I have an entertainer voucher so we had one free main course.

Bottomless Iced Tea

Crispy Shrimp, Sesame chicken strips and cheese quesadilla

Cajun chicken and shrimp Pasta

Blackened Chicken Alfredo
 After our meal, we waited for the show, we were expecting the minions but instead there were clowns.
Finally we saw the minions, just roaming around the mall. Of course Lara had to have her photos taken.

It was a short trip to the mall but still we enjoyed it nonetheless.