Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rip It

On the 2nd day of Eid, we had nowhere to go since hubby is on night shift so I spent it ripping my jeans.

I wanted to own a pair of ripped jeans but they are just so costly. A pair in H&M costs AED 149 (PhP 1,835 or $41) while a pair at American Eagle Outfitters cost AED 235 (PhP 2,896 or $65).


What's a frugal girl got to do? Of course, make her own ripped jeans. I don't spend too much money on clothes and even buy them in thrift shops, flea market and on sale.

searched in youtube and pinterest and decided to just make my own. I own a couple of jeans which I rarely used. With just a pair of scissors, tweezers and effort, I was able to make my own ripped jeans. I did my hubby's as well.
cut the jeans and remove thread with tweezers

Hubby's pants that turned into ripped jeans

So that's how I spent the holidays, got to go now as I still have a couple of jeans to rip.