Friday, August 7, 2015

Pandora Lover

I have always wanted a Pandora bracelet. What I love about it is every bracelet is unique as you are creating your own style with charms which are significant to you. You are creating your own memories. 

My Pandora bracelet was given to me by my colleague when I left IBM. They included a good luck and friendship charm which is very timely as I was venturing into a new endeavour and I will always treasure the friendship that I have made working there.

Friendship and good luck charm
Everytime I see my bracelet I remember the friendships that I found working in Dubai. 

On Mother's day, my hubby bought me additional charms which were Mom and Love. We call each other love so this was very significant and of course I am a mom of 2. 

Just recently, Pandora was on sale for 40% off and who am I to resist the hubby's offer to fill up my bracelet with more charms. This time we got a birthstone (garnet) and rooster charm (I was born in the year of the rooster) and some safety lock in heart design (my fave).
This is how my bracelet looks like
I plan to fill up my bracelet with more charms and create more memories.

This good news of 25 - 70% off till mid of August might be my chance