Friday, August 7, 2015

Sale Season

It's sale season once again in Dubai - Dubai Summer Surprises, and our staycation in Dubai was very timely.

There was a Big Summer Sale going on at Dubai World Trade Center.When I see sale signs I am palpitating hahahahaha....

It was a long walk from the parking to the exhibition center so we stop once in a while for photos

When we reach the area it was separated into different stalls of various brands.

Prices were such a steal and cheaper than mall prices.

I love the color of this bag which was only AED 549/ $150/ PhP 6845 . I had to stop myself from buying this.

Michael Kors Bag for less than a thousand
There were a whole lot more but I was too busy looking around to take pics. These were my loots.
I have always wanted a Birkenstock and this was a steal for AED 99/ PhP 1235/ $27
Bought these for 2 for AED 69/ PhP 860/ $19

original price of the shoes bought at AED 35 each
Dubai Outlet Mall also had some great deals. I did not buy any though.
Coach Outlet Store
Coach Outlet Store
Sun and Sand Sports outlet store
In Al Ain, we already have an Outlet Mall, Barari Outlet Mall and their Sun and Sand Outlet store were on sale. Fit flops for less than AED 200/ $50/ PhP 2500.

Only AED 99/PhP 1235/ $27
This is a great time/ season to buy your pasalubongs and fill up that balikbayan box! Happy Shopping!