Friday, August 7, 2015

Dampa Seafood Grill

Disclaimer: I am not a food blogger and this post is my own opinion and based on my personal experience.

I always wanted to try Dampa Seafood Grill after reading blog posts. We went there twice before to no avail the place was always packed with people on waiting list.

Luckily during our staycation in Dubai, we stayed in Novotel Deira City Center which was walking distance to Dampa. We went there around 5:30pm and to our luck there were still spaces available and no one waiting outside.

I excitedly checked their menu on what to order.
Those highlighted in red are not available
Those highlighted in red are not available
As the kids were with me, they are not fond of seafood, so I was hoping they had an option for kids. They would have wanted the grilled tuna or crispy shrimps but unfortunately they were unavailable which was disappointing. There is another seafood place but they serve chicken which is what my kids always eat. My kids did not eat at all, we ended up buying them Mc donald's in the mall.

We ended up ordering cajun shrimps, grilled squid and crispy salt and pepper.
Pic muna while waiting for the food
They dump the rice on the table then kamayan na lang.

The Calamari was good but I like the calamari from the other seafood place better.
Crispy Salt and pepper Calamari
 The grilled squid tastes "sunog" so I did not enjoy it
Grilled Squid
 The Cajun shrimps was what I mostly ate.
Cajun Shrimps

The aftermath
Overall, it was not as I expected it to be or I was just so used to the other seafood place. My hubby said at least I tried what people are raving about. If I will go back again, maybe not anytime soon. 

We have different tastes and maybe it was just not to my liking, still try it, maybe you'll love it.