Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My 2 boys

My 2 boys are starting school soon. Hubby is starting his driving lessons on Thursday and Nichos will be having his entrance test for Kindergarten 2 on Sunday. Hubby doesn't know a thing about driving so it is gonna be a first time. He is getting excited to go behind the wheels soon. Although his driving lessons will only be about lectures first and not the actual driving yet. But well its a start. Nichos will try to take the exam for him to be eligible for Kinder 2 but if not he will start with Kinder 1. I am doing my best to teach him how to write although he already knows some letters. I really need to be patient with him. Although he is very eager to go to school, he even cried this morning when we went there to register him as he thought he would be going to school already. And while I am teaching him how to write, I tell him that if he really wants to go to school he has to try harder and you bet he is.

Both my boys are excited to go to school and I'm one proud Mama.