Monday, June 16, 2008

Sunday is Family Day!

Today is Sunday, family day and father's day as well. We usually spend either Saturday or Sunday as family day depending on hubby's duty. We spent it in Church to hear mass before going to the Mall. We went to Al Ain Mall to eat dinner and do some groceries. It was my first time to do my grocery shopping there in Megamart as we usually go to Al Jimi Mall in Carrefour, I was quite disappointed as I was not really able to buy much. Most of the items on my list I did not find there and it was my first time to go shopping with a list. I ended up with a Baskin Robbin Ice Cream to ease my disappointment. Maybe I was just so used to shopping at Carrefour. But my baby was so happy and really enjoying pushing the Megamart shopping cart that made me happy as well. So overall, it was still a nice experience although we still need to go grocery shopping again tomorrow for the other items that I was not able to buy. Will go to fish market and Choitram for pork and other meat products and groceries.