Monday, December 22, 2008

Guess the baby's gender...

I just had my Fetal Anomaly Scan today which also happens to be our 5th year wedding anniversary. I was kind of nervous and I prayed hard that the baby is okay and that he/she is healthy and normal. I was also very excited as I really wanted to know the baby's gender. Thank God, everything was okay with the baby, all is normal. The baby was thoroughly examined and made sure everything was normal from head to foot including the brain, heart, kidneys, spine and of course I asked the gender and the ultrasonographer told me it's going to be a girl and she took a photo of the genitals which i posted above. I am so happy and so is Nichos and Ramon. A girl is really what I prayed for. I'll have my next check up on my birthday and another ultrasound again. I'm so excited to buy the baby things and bought a baby blanket which is pink and a yellow onesie as it was on sale. We ended having dinner at Chili's to celebrate our anniversary. I'm so happy and I'm indeed gonna have a Merry Christmas!