Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I need a break

Have you ever felt so down and feeling that things are just not working and it’s time to say “ooppss, teka lang break muna”. 

I am having this feeling lately with my job. It is really sad when something you used to love and enjoy is just not right for you anymore. I really feel that I need a break from it to contemplate on what I really want to do. Honestly, I am in a position which I never thought I would reach at this stage but I was given the opportunity to do so and I am getting the hang of it and working my best to keep my staff happy and satisfied and I am also being paid a salary which is more than I could ask for. However the satisfaction is not there, don’t get me wrong, I love my job, I love working in HR, it’s just that I am not happy with how things are happening. I don’t want to elaborate it any further baka kasi may makabasa but my friends who keep me sane in the office knows what I am talking about. The sad part is even if I want to resign, we just could not afford it. Looking for another job is another thing, I could not find a job that would pay me as much as I am being paid right now. Having the feeling of just waking up to go to work to pay the bills is really not good, when all you do is just look forward to payday. I love my family and that is why I hope this is just a passing phase in my life as I would do anything to have a better future for the kids. That is the main reason why we are sacrificing working abroad to earn more than what we can in our home country.  
Kung pwede lang sana mag break, more than just a 15 minute coffee break na ginagawa ko ngayon while sipping my cup of coffee and writing this, ginawa ko na siguro. Hay, nag loloka lokahan na naman ako, kelangan ko siguro ng KitKat.
My cup of moccacino while having my break. Coffee break pa rin ba ang tawag kung d coffee ang ininom mo ^_^


nate's mum said...

bakasyon ka muna Lars :)

Larla Anne said...

how i wish pen kaso wala na akong leave available :(

buti na lang shorter working hours kami ngayon 9-3 lang kasi ramadan

Karla said...

~Have a break, have a kitkat~

Hi ate! :) Don't be sad. Maybe challenge lang ni God to sayo. Isipin mo na lang na there are people who would love to have your job and salary. Hayaan mo na lang yung mga insecure sayo. :)